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With 9 modules to boost your growth your business

We pack the most powerful modules into an integrated platform to improve your staffing efficiency, enhance the employee experience, and save time. - Easy optimization - Multi platforms, Multi-languages, Multi tenants - Full auditing functions

Personnel module

Smarter management personnel info

Personnel simplifies the way you store, track, and manage employee information while improving your HR visibility and agility.


Recruiting & Onboarding faster

Recruitment makes attracting and recruiting new talent quick and easy. Stream with a branded career page without coding and speed up the hiring process in a few clicks.


Smoother integration

Introductions provide all the tools you need to impress and engage your employees from day one. With lasted Microsoft technology and developed most popular platform.


Better interaction

Personal information: As a leave, assest assigned contacts, Promotion, Training, Payslip, Time attendance company news, and more are just cell phone. Get instant notifications and updates anytime, anywhere.


A comprehensive The top HR solution for Enterprises

Run your HR operations like never before because everyone benefits from SeaPeopleSuite's all-in-one platform, from the Entrepreneurship, the Employer, the HR team to every Employee.


Empower your employees to do better

With EMPLOYEE module, allow employees to access the information they need, work efficiently, and connect with the right people anytime, anywhere.


Hire the right talent in less time

With RECRUITING & ONBOARDING module, recruiters can now automatically accept candidates, easily organize their hiring process, tracking all info for the future, and speed up their offering process. Onboarding, offboarding, and cross-boarding. Support all employee movements, like internal transitions and employees leaving, in a streamlined and efficient way.


The leave or overtime can submit with anytime and anywhere.

Leave management systems are used by successful organizations to simplify, drop the administrative hurdles, monitor, plan, and track leaves of absences... Leave management software allows staff to request any leave of absence, access their balances, and better plan for their future vacations.


Online employee time clock app

Use Time & Attendance as an employee time clock app for tracking work hours and measuring employee productivity. This way your employees won’t have to clock in and out manually every day – the software will do it automatically! Access detailed employee productivity reports, letting you see who's just at work and who's actually being productive.


Develop your employees' skills and reduce compliance risk with a unified training management

Embrace a learning culture by improving employee skills and training external learning audiences. Improve business results with a learning solution that develops leaders and provides employees with key skills.


The Asset and Tool module offers a varied and simplistic way to track and maintain your assets in the company

The Asset module is an excellent tool to enlist, manage, track, and all your office assets. It is exceptionally easy-to-use with a single dashboard feature that gives you access to create hierarchical tools according to employees.


Increase confidence in payroll processing

Simplify and integrate your global payroll processes to help ensure your workforce is paid accurately and on time – with our cloud payroll management. Reduce costs by harmonizing processes on a single payroll platform that offers localization.


Inspire employees to perform at their best

Evaluate and recognize top talent, align your strategies and goals, and improve employee performance management continuously.

The SEAPEOPLESUITE has allowed us to speed up plans We have long understood that people management is a very important part of growing and scaling our business, but we didn't I can get the kind of efficiency I desire from my business development HR.

Rauf Danny - Founder and CEO

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Helping businesses manage their finances

It is a tool that is integrated throughout the corporate governance system to produce relevant financial and non-financial reports. The tool helps to analyze, measure and process in order to come up with the best solutions to achieve business performance.

Help businesses manage work

Manage work items in the enterprise, automatically assign tasks according to levels, manage employee work progress and provide overall reports

Help businesses manage personnel

Overall management and human resource operations such as employee information, labor contracts, recruitment management, job evaluation, and employee capacity, etc.

Distribution and sales information management

The software helps to manage details of production, completed products, automatic price list, warranty, order confirmation, delivery, and payment.

Manage customer and supplier relationships

The software helps to manage customer and supplier information, debts, contracts, contact history, and customer care.

Help businesses manage assets

The software helps businesses manage transactions related to fixed assets, manage new asset information, transactions for assets, calculate asset depreciation, etc.

Helping industries manage their warehouses

The software helps to manage the import and export of warehouses, check goods in the warehouse, control the transportation of goods … import and export station slips automatically.

Helping industries manage production

Management software throughout the production process, production planning, production order entry, post-production output leadership, post management system relations to managing import and export, etc.

Help Industries supply and purchase information

Industry management software integrates well with inventory and accounting systems. Manage and secure purchase information, purchase plans, payment, and delivery status.

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