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How does the general quality of SPS HRM software reduce the laborer’s pressure?


SPS HRM software is one of the secrets to success, most companies have started to change their supervision thinking and apply general quality of software. This job helps to solve work quickly, accurately and reduce workers’ pressure.

SPS HRM software
SPS HRM software

How does the overall SPS HRM software reduce the pressure on employees?

SPS HRM software is one of the secrets to success, most businesses have started to change their management thinking and apply overall business management software. This job helps to solve work quickly, accurately and reduce work pressure for employees.

SPS HRM software
SPS HRM software

1. Helping businesses manage their finances

The financial management system of SPS – HRM software helps them manage their finances with two main tools:

  • Financial accounting tool: This tool performs tasks from warehouse audit, debt audit, fixed asset audit, VAT report, PIT report, invoice, financial statement. , tax finalization, accounting book audit,
  • Management accounting tool: This tool is integrated throughout the corporate administration system to produce related financial and non-financial reports. The tool helps to analyze, measure, and process to come up with the best solutions to achieve industry performance.
SPS HRM software
SPS HRM software

2. Help Industries supply and purchase information

Industry management software integrates well with inventory and accounting systems. Manage and secure purchase information, purchase plans, payment, and delivery status.

3. Help businesses manage distribution and sales information

The software helps to manage details of production, completed products, automatic price list, warranty, order confirmation, delivery, and payment. The software system integrates hardware devices with modern technology.

SPS HRM software
SPS HRM software

4. Helping businesses manage customer and supplier relationships

The software helps to manage customer and supplier information, debts, contracts, contact history, and customer care. It optimizes the work of customer administration, business opportunity management, warranty service, marketing, and customer care.

5. Helping industries manage production

Management software throughout the production process, production planning, production order entry, post-production output leadership, post management system relations to managing import and export, etc. order management, automatic calculation of production costs, automatic product costing, etc.

6. Helping industries manage their warehouses

The software helps to manage the import and export of warehouses, check goods in the warehouse, control the transportation of goods … import and export station slips automatically.

SPS HRM software
SPS HRM software

7. Help businesses manage assets

The software helps businesses manage transactions related to fixed assets, manage new asset information, transactions for assets, calculate asset depreciation, etc.

8. Help businesses manage work

Manage work items in the enterprise, automatically assign tasks according to levels, manage employee work progress and provide overall reports

9. Help businesses manage personnel and calculate salary

Overall management and human resource operations such as employee information, labor contracts, recruitment management, job evaluation, and employee capacity, etc. Integrated with hardware devices is a docking machine public.

SPS HRM software
SPS HRM software

10. Help the overall reporting system of the business

The reporting system for each module and the system of reports according to the requirements of the business, allowing to make reports in the form of charts to increase visualization, and to export and print reports on the best supporting software. for monitoring and indexing and administration, while cutting out the reporting work that had to be done by humans.

Benefits of SPS software is an effective solution for businesses

The system of SPS software minimizes duplicate jobs and especially minimizes manual input operations. With SPS software, business management activities are standardized into a unified process, helping businesses manage data more easily and effectively.

SPS software solutions help administrators easily access reliable information so that they can make informed decisions. Bits help reduce duplication and increase consistency for businesses.

Highly flexible SPS software that can be easily adapted as the business changes: Flexible interface, easy to use, highly integrated, and extensible, can be operated anywhere.

SPS HRM software
SPS HRM software

With SPS software with improved reporting capabilities, your company can handle complex data requirements easily, can easily customize the process according to each industry, each business needs to ensure good operation in all business processes of each business.

Using SPS software helps businesses reduce investment costs much more than investing in many discrete and inconsistent systems.

Using SPS software, providing customers with optimal care is easier than ever. The SPS software makes it easy and accurate to access the information base and consultation history.


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