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HRM software – A modern and time-saving solution


HRM software – HRM is the process of planning, recruiting, organizing and managing human resources to achieve business goals. It is these characteristics that project managers need to have a suitable and flexible way of managing human resources based on modern tools to optimize efficiency as well as save time to help  their tasks go smoothly and on schedule.

HRM software

Effective and time-saving HRM solution

HR belongs to many different departments in the case of internal personnel mobilization, each person will have different professional expertise, personality traits, and personal perspectives that create certain challenges in management.

Sometimes HR managers find it hard to use human resources proactively. Therefore, HRM software is a useful tool, helping administrators understand situations in the most general and accurate way. Thereby it makes appropriate adjustments. Not only it helps develop human resources but also it saves time and effort.

HR management software

HRM planning

HRM planning is the process of identifying and documenting the positions, roles, responsibilities, authorities, required skills and interactions between positions in an enterprise.

It supports the assessment of HR; recognizes the capabilities and mixing of the team to assign the right one to the right jobs towards the best goals.

To develop a HRM plan, you need the following documents:

  • Management plan
  • Resource requirements to complete tasks
  • HR data of the enterprise
  • Relevant processes

Management plan

  • Business process
  • Tasks and completion methods
  • Manage the relationship between members
  • Plan to manage and control change during implementation

Resource requirements

Follow the requirement of using resources for the completion of work to determine the number of personnel. It is the basis for organizing recruitment and capacity training the HR criteria.

Enterprise personnel data

To be able to plan HR management, a manager needs all of relevant HR information such as:

  • Corporate culture
  • Enterprise structure
  • Current status of human resources: quantity, capacity, working location, geographical dispersion, etc.
  • HR policy of the enterprise

Relevant business processes

This is also an important factor affecting the HRM plan. Based on the following processes, managers can easily find out the way to manage human resources effectively in a professional order:

  • Standard business process
  • Documents, sample org chart and position description
  • Process of handling parts problems

HR management software SPS

Enterprise HR management tool

1. Organization chart, which can be mentioned as

  • Hierarchical diagram: shows the position and relationship between positions in the enterprise from top to bottom.
  • Matrix diagram: used to assign the role of each member for a certain job in the enterprise.

Besides the organization chart, documents detailing each position (authorities, responsibilities; …) are also tools to help plan HRM effectively.

2. Personnel connection

The planning of HRM is ensuring the completion of goals within a predetermined time. In particular, the connection between project members is the key factor in the spirit of the completion. The human connection can be understood simply as bonding activities such as having lunch, chatting, discussing events, conferences, seminars, etc.

3. Personnel Profile

This is the document that shows all of the personnel’s information: personal information, expertise, experience, working history at the enterprise, capacity assessment of last years, last projects, etc. Based on that, the manager knows the ability as well as the human personality to arrange suitable work.

HRM software

4. Task management software

One of the ways to manage human resources that many businesses choose is specialized management software. By applying artificial intelligence, it will help you perform detailed, accurate and automatic management tasks, centrally on one system.

In HRM, the most complicated task is assigning work. This is the process of assigning work to each person, then monitoring and controlling the implementation process to detect problems and finally complete the work on schedule.

Managing human resources manually is not possible, if you have too many members and each person takes on a different role. Therefore, SPS – HRM software is the best tool.

Through the software, just by looking at it, the administrator can easily see what is happening, thereby detecting and solving problems that cause work delay. With the new job alert function, it is very useful to ensure that members do not miss any assigned work. It can be linked with the personnel evaluation system, thereby supporting the human resources department to evaluate employees in the most fair and accurate way.

In addition, SPS – HRM software also has many features suitable for businesses operating in different industries. If you want more information or need a demo before this modern way of managing human resources, contact us at seatechsps.com