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Is human resource management (HRM) software actually necessary?


In fact, many companies still have many problems behind HRM and salaries that the Board of Directors has not recognized. At the same time, the need to automate HRM processes is also increasing. Therefore, they need to consider the application of human resource management (HRM) software to improve efficiency and competitiveness in the market.

Human resource management (HRM) software
Human resource management (HRM) software

Human resource management (HRM) software

Most organizations that know them realize the importance of the HR function in management activities. Therefore, the introduction of HRM software for businesses is extremely useful.  Effective HRM software is the software that must solve all the inadequacies such as: Evaluate the performance of personnel, manage the work schedule for personnel, and manage Timekeeping, recruitment, training, management of public data – permission – salary, analysis and reporting.

However, at the present, the development and improvement of HRM efficiency has not attached special importance when they use the management thought according to the traditional method and not enough to invest in a new system.

Human resource management (HRM) software
Human resource management (HRM) software

The change of the HR department after using this software

The space work of the HR department is very large; it includes many functions such as recruitment, salary calculation, training, policy development for employees, corporate culture development, etc. However, in the traditional environment, HR staff often had to do their work on paper or using EXCEL. This means that their time and effort has been wasted a lot, instead of being used to plan HR strategies.

They are using HRM software to automate; it can improve consistency and accuracy in data management. The HR team will have more time to focus on other strategic activities. The HRM software also integrates reporting tools to help them easily collect and analyze valuable data related to timekeeping, performance evaluation, and employee turnover rate.

Human resource management (HRM) software
Human resource management (HRM) software

When do companies need HRM software?

If the companies are facing the following problems, it’s time to apply HRM software:

  • Employees or managers are complaining about a waste of time and inefficient processes.
  • HR staff are spending too much time updating spreadsheets with complicated data.
  • Spending a lot of time checking candidate emails without the right person.
  • The public management is too complicated, not able to control public data of employees.
  • Unreasonable management and distribution of salary funds.
  • Lack of information base to summarize reports, lead to incorrect decisions.

On the market, HR software is very diverse, serving many different types of businesses.

For the small companies, which have a simple HRM process, the selection of software will be easy. Package software and free software is the best choice.

It will support the basic HR processes, including: Recruitment, public data management – permission – salary, performance management, training…

Human resource management (HRM) software
Human resource management (HRM) software

For the corporations and large enterprises with the complex staffing scale and the diverse management requirements, it is necessary to consider choosing professional software systems. The HRM software system not only supports the automation of the HR processes, but also customizes it according to the unique characteristics of the business. The system provides job processing support features for the HR department, employees and levels of management. It helps increase the consistency of information and improves internal communication.

Features required in the HRM system: Performance appraisal, work schedule management, attendance management, recruitment, training, management of public data – leave – salary, analysis and reporting.

Nowadays, in a fiercely competitive economic market, application of information systems such as HRM software to increase competitiveness is essential. This is really an investment that brings many benefits, not only improving current management but also improving efficiency in the future.

SEATECH Vietnam is one of the leading brands in the market of providing HRM software in Vietnam; SEATECH Vietnam is pleased to accompany many large domestic and international enterprises and corporations.

Human resource management (HRM) software
Human resource management (HRM) software


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