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OKRs management method for businesses


OKR management method is an effective and easy method to help businesses and their staff achieve the set goals.

To achieve sustained and sustained growth, leaders and staff need to understand and focus on priority goals. However, to ensure leadership and employees work towards a common goal is not something all businesses achieve. OKRs are a method designed to establish the right target system. Let’s learn about administrative methods through the article below.

1. What is the method of administration of OKRs?
The OKR method supports internal linking of the organization by connecting the goals of the whole business with the goals of the department, of each individual to specific results.

OKR management method for businesses

· Structure:

OKR governance method is built on the main factors:

Objective: What does the business want to achieve?

Key Results: How did the business achieve it?

Objective is the goal of a company, department or individual. Meanwhile, the Key Result are the metrics needed to achieve the desired goal. This system creates a link between target layers.

· Characteristics of OKR governance methods

OKRs are built on distinct characteristics, different from many other methods:

Ambitious: The goal is always set higher than the current capacity threshold.

Measurable: Important results are tied to measurable milestones.

Transparency: All members of the business can follow OKR.

– Performance calculation: OKR is not used to evaluate employee’s performance.

This management method is widely used in businesses to build a performance measurement, evaluation and management system in the enterprise.

2. Benefits of OKR method
OKR is a method applied by businesses in employee performance management. At the same time, orient the employees in the business to achieve the initial set goals.


Benefits of the OKR administration approach

· Help businesses to closely link internally

The OKR management approach links personal performance with departments and businesses. From there, the whole enterprise can focus on working, ensuring the whole business has the same orientation.

· Focus on essential issues

This management method will give 3 -5 goals for each level in the organization, helping the entire business prioritize and important goals of the company.

· Increase transparency

This is one of the methods of building a culture of transparency for a company. Enterprises can grasp the work and great plans of each individual, each department.

· Empower employees

The division of employees, each department performing its own tasks to accomplish the overall goal of the whole business, makes employees aware of their responsibilities. Employees feel part of the business, while closely monitoring their work progress and results.

· Measure progress toward goal completion

The OKR method will measure and evaluate accurately the progress toward the goals of each individual, desk room and the whole business.

Methods of corporate governance

3. Apply OKR management method
To be able to achieve the set goals higher than possible, internal training, improving the quality of personnel is extremely important. The solution will help businesses build a training system, evaluate the staff’s capacity throughout the enterprise. From there, your business can build appropriate goals, measure accurately and achieve the goals set out.

OKR management method is one of the methods to help businesses manage, measure, evaluate performance, and build development orientations. At the same time, businesses can also build training systems, improve the capacity of human resources in their capacity, step by step develop the business.