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Payroll service

Payroll service on behalf of businesses compares financial statements, verifying whether the financial figures are honest or not, proving the transparency and clarity of the business’s finances. Payroll service SEATECH Vietnam is built on a standard established process, a professional team of auditors to provide the best quality audit solutions and processes.

Payroll service
Payroll service

Payroll service SEATECH Vietnam

Payroll service is a 3rd party audit service to help the large enterprises or foreign enterprises in Vietnam perform the work of checking, reviewing, verifying, evaluating, concluding, and confirming completeness, truthfulness, and reasonableness of accounting data, documents, and financial statements.

The payroll service of SEATECH Vietnam Company ensures compliance with Vietnamese law. The company providing payroll services SEATECH Vietnam has a human resource of professional auditors, highly qualified and certified by the state and granted practice certificates. Payroll service SEATECH Vietnam also helps businesses make forecasts about possible risks, through detecting gaps that still exist within the business. From there, propose solutions to overcome them and maintain the stability and development of the enterprise as a whole.

Payroll service
Payroll service

Advantages of payroll service

  • Assessing the truthfulness and objectivity of financial statements issued by competent agencies and organizations
  • Ensure the audit report complies with the laws, regulations, and provisions of financial management of the audited entity.
  • The audit report evaluates the economic effectiveness in the financial management of the audited entity.
  • The audit report will be used in handling and detecting errors and weaknesses of the unit, supporting management and administration according to assigned functions and tasks.

The type of businesses that need to use payroll services

  • Foreign-invested enterprises
  • Credit institutions established and operating under the Law on Credit Institutions
  • Financial institutions, insurance enterprises, etc.
  • Public company, issue, and trade of securities
  • State enterprises
  • Enterprises and organizations implementing important national projects
  • Enterprises and organizations with state capital holding from 20%
  • Enterprises in which the listed organizations, issuers and securities trading organizations hold from 20% of the voting rights
  • Foreign auditing firms operating in Vietnam
  • Project funded by ODA capital
Payroll service
Payroll service

Payroll service SEATECH Vietnam provides the following items

  • Financial statement audit service
  • Services of auditing financial statements for tax purposes and tax finalization.
  • Operational audit service
  • Internal service
  • Compliance audit service
  • Completed investment settlement report audit service
  • Project settlement audit service
  • Independent audit service
  • Apartment cost audit service

Reasons to choose the payroll service of SEATECH Vietnam

  • The payroll service of SEATECH Vietnam has been licensed by the Ministry of Finance and is eligible to operate in the field of auditing.
  • Payroll service SEATECH Vietnam has a clear legal environment, works transparently, strictly complies with financial regulations and laws in Vietnam.
  • Apply technology applications for accounting, helping customers manage accounting and auditing activities provided by SEATECH Vietnam
  • SEATECH Vietnam have a team of highly qualified and enthusiastic staff
  • Reasonable salary service charges
  • 24/7 customer support and advice
  • Ensure confidentiality of customer information
Payroll service
Payroll service

If you are interested in the payroll service of SEATECH Vietnam Company, please contact us for advice at SEATECH VIETNAM CO., LTD


Head office: Centre Point Building – P702A, 7th Floor, Nguyen Van Troi Street , Ward 8, Tan Phu District, HCM city, Viet Nam – 700000

Email: info@seatechsps.com

Hotline: +84 0909 639 255

Website: seatechsps.com



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