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SeaPeopleSuite software

SeaPeopleSuite software (SPS) is The Professional Human Resource Management Software from SEATECH Vietnam, which is applied to support The Human Resources department to solve transactions related to timekeeping, salary calculation, recruitment, training, personnel evaluation, reporting… quickly and accurately. SPS software using Artificial Intelligence helps businesses keep up with the new trend of Digital Transformation of the World’s Operating Processes, optimize human resources, save time and maximize costs.

Sea People Suite software
SeaPeopleSuite software

SeaPeopleSuite software (SPS) 

SPS is Software created by a team of experienced IT. SPS software supports all the needs of Human Resource Management, and is suitable for all different industries.

SPS software is designed to include 9 applications:

–  HRM

–  Time book Management

–  Leave Management

–  Recruitment Management

–  Training Management

–  Managed Property

–  Evaluation and Report Management

–  Salary and Bonus Calculation Tool

–  Electronic payment Tool

Phần mềm Sea People Suite (SPS)
Phần mềm SeaPeopleSuite (SPS)
Sea People Suite software
SeaPeopleSuite software

Solution of SPS software:

–  Facility optimization

–  Multi-platform, Multi-language, Easy to use

–  Full of Audit Functions

Applications applied in SPS:

–  Applying the latest Microsoft Technology

–  Developed by The nopCommerce (the most popular ASP.NET Ecommerce platform)

–  Accounting Tools are built on the basis of ACCA standards (Standards of the British Association of Chartered Accountants).

Sea People Suite software
SeaPeopleSuite software
Sea People Suite software
SeaPeopleSuite software

Features of applications in SPS management software

1.  Human Resource Management (HRM)

–  Set up the Company Structure

–  Managed the salary structure and Hierarchy

–  HR processes management

–  Set up a reminder system, timetable system and administrative dashboard of the enterprise.

–  Set up a portal for personnel and management of the enterprise

2.  Time Book management

–  Time Book application connects to the timekeepers and the auto processes data

–  Set up flexible timekeeping policies for each employee

–  Declare the timekeeping process, or clock in for the other flexibility

–  Warning of abnormal status, fake clock in

–  Finalize timekeeping data and transfer it to the payroll department

3.  Leave Management

–  Support to report the leave policy flexibility and exactly

–  Active Approve to leave

–  Rostered day off

–  Declare and summarize, automatically transfer permission to the timekeeping and payroll department

Sea People Suite software
SeaPeopleSuite software

4.  Recruitment Management

–  Proposal management and Recruitment plan for businesses

–  Recruitment informational announcement according to the plan

–  Collecting CVs and screening candidates for businesses

–  Interview scheduling feature suitable for business

–  Recruitment decision feature and notification for candidates

–  Analysis of recruitment situation

5.  Training Management

–  Feature management proposal, training plan for businesses

–  The feature of setting up the personnel training schedule

–  Manage and update training results for enterprises

–  Performance evaluation feature after training

–  Analyze the training situation, match the costs and compare the results

6.  Enterprise asset management

–  Set up the feature of building equipment and asset allocation norms of the enterprise

–  Features of management and allocation of equipment and assets of the enterprise

–  Features of managing the recovery of equipment and assets of the enterprise

–  The feature of inventory statistics of equipment and assets of the business

Sea People Suite software
SeaPeopleSuite software

7.  Evaluation and Report Management

–  Flexible declaration of parts and evaluation criteria in the enterprise

–  Set up the evaluation method from time to time, instantaneously or periodically

–  Set up management and handover of work plans and targets

–  Set up a flexible work evaluation and reporting process

–  Establish a process for summarizing and transferring work evaluation results to business managers

8.  Salary and bonus calculation tools

–  The feature of setting up a flexible payroll solution according to ACCA’s standards

–  Retroactive salary support feature

–  The feature to support the automatic calculation of public – salary audit

–  Automatic tax return and personal income tax finalization feature

9.  Electronic payment tools

–  Set up electronic payment tools and gateways for businesses

SPS brings many benefits and full features to support business management, HR management professionally and closely. SPS supports the entire work for the management department in the best way, reducing pressure and helping to improve work efficiency. Be a modern business with SPS, save time and reduce staffing costs for redundant parts with modern, loyal and easy-to-control artificial intelligence.

Sea People Suite software


Head office: Centre Point Building – P702A, 7th Floor, Nguyen Van Troi Street , Ward 8, Tan Phu District, HCM city, Viet Nam – 700000

Email: info@seatechsps.com

Hotline: +84 0909 639 255

Website: seatechsps.com



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