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SPS software is the effective right-hand for Business


SPS software is business management software and the leading human resource management software produced, which was made by SEATECH Vietnam Company. Currently, most enterprises are extremely pressured to manage human resources in the traditional way. And SPS software was born to become the right hand to effectively support enterprise in human resource management.

SPS software
SPS software

SPS software of SEATECH Vietnam

SPS is a prestige and quality human resource management software that many enterprises are aiming for today. Companion with the human resource management software SPS that is the most optimal solution in managing and operating personnel as well as their work.

SPS software will help you to plan business campaigns clearly, allocate all tasks to whole departments, timekeeping, salary, evaluate personnel, report and track work every day. With Big Data – data storage system that helps you manage and protect all data in the most professional and Safeway.

Choosing enterprise management and human resource management by SPS software that will bring many benefits and full features to support business management and human resource management in a professional and stringent manner. SPS software will make the management department optimize in the best way. Reduce pressure and help improve work efficiency. In addition, it also helps your business save time and reduce personnel costs for redundant parts with modern, loyal and easy-to-control artificial intelligence.

SPS software
SPS software

Effective right-hand of SPS software for your business

SPS is one of the leading HRM software for local businesses as well as foreign businesses in Vietnam.

SPS software allows flexible setting of policies by department/team, group, individual, job position and rank, etc. Based on timekeeping, permission and salary calculation, everything will be handled quickly, fast and accurate.

Accompanying with SPS, CEO can work anywhere and at any time on many platforms: Web App, Mobile App … The application with an open system will be easily customizable to development needs as well as socio-economic situation.

SPS software
SPS software

Applications in the software SPS

  • HRM
  • Time book Management
  • Leave Management
  • Recruitment Management
  • Training Management
  • Managed Property
  • Evaluation and Report Management
  • Salary and Bonus Calculation Tool
  • Electronic payment Tool

The application of SPS management software for enterprise is the best solution to save time, costs and money, but the revenue is much more than the investment.

SPS management software helps the human resource management department to be more proactive and control their work.

Besides, the manager also easily knows where his employees are, what they are doing and how effective their work is. This helps enterprises to timely adjust the plan to suit each position and each employee in the business.

Now on the technology market, there is much HR software from different providers. Most of the current human resource management software is increasingly being perfected and optimized to suit all forms and enterprises. Whatever which of software provider, in general, all HR software must aim at the following goals:

  • Human resource management software supports the needs of optimizing and reduces management costs
  • Human resource management software provides useful statistical information for human resource development strategies in the future, so that the business can improve to maximum efficiency.
  • Human resource management software responds to the exchange of information on personnel issues quickly and in a timely manner to improve employee satisfaction.
  • Human resource management software has to have easy-to-use display, multi-language interfaces to suit all types of personnel.
SPS software
SPS software

In the market, there are many companies that produce the human resource management software, but in which, SPS software of SEATECH VIETNAM COMPANY is one of the highly rated on the market. SPS software is applied by many enterprises successfully and effectively, which will increase the efficiency to 200%.

To become a digital business, be a wise leader in choosing and applying optimal solutions for your business. Pioneering in the digital era, managers need to become a leader in applying new technologies to maximize resources for enterprise. With the application of SPS software, enterprises can change the way to manage human resources in a modern, professional and automatic way, catching up with business trends in the new technology era.

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