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SPSsoftware – The best solution for the HR department


SPSsoftware is the most optimal solution for the best HRM department for the human resource management problem of the enterprise. It manages employee activities with information technology applications. When every business has to get used to a new way of working, SPS human resource management software is the best answer to this problem.


This is the best solution for the HR department.

In the past, HRM software was usually only applied to large enterprises with thousands of employees, diverse operations, and complex processes. But now, SPSsoftware is the optimal solution to help solve all jobs regardless of size and industry.

HRM software has been successfully deployed in the businesses, thousands of employees, flexible open system, and support login on website, mobile. Diversified modules help businesses manage all activities related to human resources in the most comprehensive and accurate way.

The scope of work of the human resources department is very large, including many functions from recruitment, training, staff policy development to timekeeping, salary calculation, bonus, company culture development …


How does HR management software benefit businesses?

In a traditional work environment, HR staff have to perform tasks on paper and excel tools. Storing and finding information is quite difficult, takes a lot of time, causing them to label strategic tasks such as personnel planning, corporate culture, etc.

Human resource management activities have the goal of optimizing human resources, so that employees can promote their talents to bring the best value to the business and form a close relationship between the staff and the management.

Human resource management activities are composed of a series of tasks, which can be mentioned as: recruitment, training and development, personnel performance evaluation, timekeeping, salary calculation, policies and regimes, and reporting. …

To perform all of the above tasks, the human resources department must have many employees, documents and records, which cost businesses a lot of money and waste time.

Therefore, human resource management software was born like sunshine and rain; it helps to solve all problems with an automatic, flexible and accurate system.


Effectiveness of human resource management software

Human resource management software helps to improve personnel performance. With the fast processing speed, everyone will have time to focus on important tasks such as developing HR strategy, policy, regime or corporate culture.

Minimize paperwork, save time searching, storing, editing information, as well as unnecessary costs. Support managers to analyze data and make quick and timely decisions.

For example: How many more employees does the enterprise need to recruit, which department positions need to be recruited, how many personnel need to be trained, how to allocate project managers, what are the policies for personnel?…

Human resource management software helps businesses to ensure the security and safety of business data, to access which employees log in, log out or any other operation on the business administration system. In the event that a dispute arises or causes damage to the company, the human resource management software will act as an “evidence” to handle.

The ability to recover all enterprise data in force majeure situations such as natural disasters (earthquakes; hurricanes, floods…) or man-made disasters (fire …)

The HRM software system allows the management and evaluation of employees periodically in the enterprise, allowing employees to set their own targets and evaluate completed results. Evaluation results are the basis for making timely and reasonable decisions to reward, discipline or transfer employees. It is a tool to assist managers in identifying the quality of human resources, making timely and correct adjustment plans.


Why should you use the SPS software?

Effective HRM is always a headache for leaders. Ineffective human resource management can make operations difficult. Therefore, to solve this problem, many businesses have chosen the solution of using SPS human resource management software. This is highly accurate human resource management software that saves time, costs and human resources while still bringing great efficiency.

SPS human resource management software is software provided by SEATECH Vietnam, this is one of the most reputable and best quality human resource software products today. The human resource management software product SPS has won the SAO KHUE Award in 2021, which is one of the prestigious achievements that any software developer wants to achieve.



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