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The benefits of using the HRM software


HRM software automates HR operations. Simultaneously, synthesize, analyze and comprehensively evaluate human resources for maximum efficiency. HRM is an important task in any company. The human resources department mainly deals with timekeeping, calculation, salary calculation, performance management, policies – regimes, recruitment, training, and many other related issues…

HRM software
HRM software

The role of HRM software in the enterprise

For small businesses in Vietnam, the HRM process is often done manually. But for organizations, medium and large businesses that do it manually, it is difficult to store everything. Moreover, finding, retrieving, and reporting information is also more complicated, so these businesses have changed their thinking and trends by applying HR software solutions to their operational processes.

The presence of HRM software is an effective tool to replace almost all manual processes of administrators. When they apply the HRM software, employees and administrators can spend more time on strategic tasks instead of just focusing on papers and records.

It can be said that HRM software is the manager’s companion. The truth is that managers cannot be 100% present at the company, during their absence to monitor work progress and promptly solve business problems, but just need to access the software on the Desktop or App to handle.

HRM software
HRM software

Functions of HRM software SPS

SPS HRM software has a simple operating structure that makes it easy for you to get used to and how to make the most of its functions. Here are the functions of basic software:

1. Centralized management of employee data and records

Currently, most HRM software has the function of maintaining an archive of all employee data and company records. Workers will easily find and retrieve the information they want thanks to the intuitive interface, with a clear and detailed hierarchy and organization.

At the same time, editing, adding, or rearranging data is very convenient and fast. All problems are solved in just a few seconds, instead of taking a whole day, even a few days if done traditionally.

HRM software
HRM software

2. Functions of public management – permission – salary and policy – regime

With the function of management of public – permission – salary, policies and personnel regime, the HRM department will no longer have to “struggle” with spreadsheets, notebooks, etc. SPS HRM software integrates functions. Accurate calculation and distribution of payroll by considering: working days, shifts, holidays, holidays, overtime, deductions, taxes, etc.

In addition, the policies and remuneration for employees are also public, ensuring that each employee clearly understands the benefits and benefits they receive during their working time at the company. At the same time, the task of insurance declaration is also performed effectively, when the software system can flexibly connect with existing insurance applications.

3. The function of managing the recruitment – ​​training process

The function of managing the recruitment process – training helps the recruitment proposal of each department/department is implemented directly, so that information is quickly received and processed by the human resources department, ensuring all activities to hold throughout even though employees are absent.

In addition, HR software is also capable of setting up the process of screening resumes, organizing interviews, recording and evaluating interview quality. Besides, the evaluation of employees after the probationary process is also an important task. Thanks to HR evaluation software, you will have enough bases to decide to accept or reject personnel.

HRM software
HRM software

4. Personnel evaluation and performance supervision functions

The function of personnel evaluation and work performance supervision helps users to evaluate employees preliminarily and usually only evaluates 1-2 times a year, when using the software, the evaluation will be general and more comprehensive.

Users can flexibly set up sets of indicators according to objects: units, departments, departments, employees, groups of employees, etc. And they are built by qualitative and quantitative methods.

The online assessment process is established with tiered approved results, making the management more proactive and flexible.

5. Management reporting function, supporting the leadership in decision making

Function of management reporting supports the leadership to make certain strategic HR decisions. Managers need to synthesize information, data and, more importantly, analyze important data, to ensure the objectivity, accuracy, and persuasiveness of decisions.

In addition, administrators can add other functions to the HR software to suit the needs of their business. To do that, you just need to find the right reputable software provider and professional implementation team.

Hopefully, the information provided by SEATECH Vietnam above has partly helped you to solve your problems. If you need deeper and more detailed support on HR management software, don’t hesitate to contact us at

HRM software


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