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The Reasons the large companies need HR management software


Human resources is one of the most important factors leading to the success and development of enterprises, establishments, and organizations. Therefore, the human resource management department is highly appreciated and at the same time, the work of this department is also greatly stressful. Here, we invite you to read with SEATECH Vietnam to learn the secret of effective human resource management in today’s large enterprises.

HR management
HR management

What is HR Management Software?

HR management software is an information technology application built based on artificial intelligence to work. Human resource management software will make the human resource process easier, intuitively designed to be close to the user, closely following the professional requirements of human resource management, employee welfare administration, and timekeeping management. – calculate salary, leave and leave online, …

In addition, the software also helps businesses focus on upgrading their HR management strategy, by handling recruitment, training, evaluation, and human resource development – the most valuable resource of the company.

Human resource management software is a tool for administrators to understand the situation of human resources in the most general and accurate way, thereby making reasonable adjustments, developing human resources, and saving time of the most effort.

HR management
HR management

Reasons to choose HR software application

The HR department of the enterprise is always overloaded with administrative and human resource tasks. The human resources department cannot focus on the main goal of building long-term strategic projects: developing culture, improving the quality of human resources, and creating a professional and healthy working environment. Therefore, the decision to apply human resource management software to improve and enhance the efficiency of human resource work is the wisest choice.

Impact to HR software on businesses

1. A staff.

The human resource management system helps to reduce a large amount of paperwork, procedures as well as cumbersome and complicated administrative processes. The human resources department can access and manipulate directly on the system anytime, anywhere thanks to registration and approval processes through Web Portal and Mobile App. The paperwork is done easily and quickly by the online web with a friendly interface, supporting data entry and checking.

Human resource management software can manage work – permission – salary more easily, because everything is done automatically according to the company’s process standards, no need to go through complicated steps.

HR management
HR management

The software supports daily reminder notifications, helping employee’s better control their work, avoiding confusion and forgetting things.

For example, if there is a work abnormality such as overtime hours exceeding the specified level, the system will send a message to the human resources department.

In addition, the human resource management software also sends periodic payroll notifications, salary increase proposals, and expected salary funds to administrators. Insurance-related operations are customized and implemented according to the entire requirements of the business.

With the activity history recording tool, the software also can closely control the active accounts on the system. Thereby enhancing the security of important data of the human resources department and being able to hold responsible if something goes wrong.

HR management
HR management

2. The board of directors

The software has a centralized warehouse of personnel data stored directly on the software, supporting quick and accurate data querying, processing, and statistics. This is also the basic source of information for the Board of Directors to analyze, make human resource planning plans and succession strategies.

Thanks to the repository of BI (Business Intelligences) reporting systems, the company’s board of directors will be provided with timely information with online data, thereby easily processing work and making decisions.

In addition, the feature of managing employee records by job position supports making recommendations to the board of directors when it is necessary to change personnel. At the same time, businesses can manage JD, salary, training program, employee evaluation easily.

With SEATECH Vietnam, information security is one of the most important things when deploying software applications. That’s why businesses can feel secure about the software because salary data and important personnel information are secure through an encryption mechanism.

The SPS HR software system has provided all employees and managers of the enterprise an environment to interact, query, and exploit information easily and quickly. This is the key to improving the efficiency of human resource management in the enterprise.

HR management


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