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Why do businesses need HR software


HRMis a rather complicated process with a huge amount of work. With a lot of work that needs to be controlled, it is easy to confuse, that’s why we need to apply Information Technology to help simplify the operation according to the characteristics of each business. So what role does HRMsoftware and what can it do for businesses?

HR software
HR software

Why do businesses need the HR software

HRMsoftware is an effective assistant to help human resource managers solve  their tasks in a simple way. HRMdepartment has a very large and important role in the business activities of enterprises.

In operations, if the management department is poor or does not know how to manage human resources, then even with abundant financial resources, abundant material resources, and modern equipment, it also becomes meaningless.

HRMsoftware should have the following basic functions

  • Business planning
  • Resource organization
  • Human resource leadership
  • Checking work performance and human resources

HRMsoftware do the organizational function. It  manage human resources, include the following basic contents:

  • Analysis the tasks according to the business plan
  • Planning and conducting recruitment for each department of the business
  • Plan to organize training and improve professional capacity for personnel
  • Accelerate work progress and promote effective use of human resources

The process of HRMsoftware is associated with the enterprise organization, in order to reduce the burden on the management department and increase the working performance of personnel effectively and accurately.

HR software
HR software

The important role of HRM software

HRM is at the top of concern in business organizations. A business needs a well-developed human resources team, then it can stand firm in the fiercely competitive market. However, in order for human resources to fully develop their capabilities and intelligence, a talented manager and a professional management solution are needed.

HRM software can solve all the problems that your business has not. HRMSoftware SPS is the best tool for managers to understand the human resource situation in the most general and accurate way, from which businesses can make reasonable adjustments to develop human resources.

Business Management

The HR department plays a key role in managing corporate policy. In addition, based on the goals of the organization to set out and resolve policies within the scope of the business.

Consulting and personnel management

With HRMsoftware, your business will strictly control personnel issues, with an unlimited HR CV storage system, helping businesses control and recruit personnel in the most effective way.

HR software
HR software

Personnel check

HRMsoftware promotes employee performance through the competency assessment process. This directs employees to act according to their capabilities and also provides projections for the best work progress. The capacity of employees by role will be regularly monitored, employees can outline goals and how to reach the end goal, helping employees to be motivated and perform better.

HARMony software

  • HRMsoftware will automate HRMand supervision operations, reducing complexity for human resource managers.
  • HRMsoftware helps to organize the human resource system in a professional and modern way, creating a solid foundation for business operations.
  • HRMsoftware supports effective personnel monitoring and evaluation tools
  • HRMsoftware provides a full range of personnel reports, salary calculation tools, timekeeping tools, … according to the management needs of the business.

Personal information

  • Manage corporate information, personal information of personnel, working history, professional skills, insurance participation process, etc. of personnel operating in the enterprise.
  • The HRMsoftware system allows users to filter according to the standards of the enterprise, and at the same time allows to combine and filter by many fields of combined HR information.
HR software
HR software

Time attendance management

HRMsoftware supports timekeeping faster and more accurately than the traditional way. Timekeeping tool in HRMsoftware allows to update declarations and flexible timekeeping.

Payroll application

HRMsoftware provides support functions to help users conveniently calculate monthly salary. At the same time, the software also provides ready reports for the accounting system in accounting monthly salary, tax, insurance…

HRMsoftware has an open design with an easily customizable payroll system to meet the different specific needs of businesses.


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